Vertical screens (windscreen)

Motor controled shading system with an external box (45°, 90° és 90° built-in box) and zip system, integrated into guide rails. It can be mounted on the supporting profiles of the veranda or on window and door frames.

The enclosed screen system protects the house from wind, rain and other adverse weather effects, even when the windows are open. It is not making noises and doesn't rip. In rolled down state it is not only protects against sunrays and from peeking eyes, but also protects against small insects. System partially replaces an insect screen and reduces the flow of dust and allergens to the interiors as well. The in-built motor drive ensures high user standard.

Box sizes

  • 85x85 mm
  • 100x100 mm
  • 130x130 mm

With a wide colour selection of highly resistant special textile fabrics from Serge Ferrari, Copaco, Mermet.